Frequently Asked Questions.

Cleveland Golfing Singles

​Great Golf...Great Times...Great Friends!

Do you have to be single to join?
No!  Historically we only had members who were single, but we have now opened our membership up to anyone.  This group is all about playing golf and meeting new friends...not to find future life partners.

When does CGS play golf?
Our season starts in mid-to-late April and ends in October.  We play either Saturday or Sunday each weekend, and occasionally both days.  The first tee time is usually between 11:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m.

What if I can't play every weekend?
Cleveland Golfing Singles is a social group, not a league.  Your $30 annual membership fee allows you to play as often or as seldom as you wish.

What do my dues cover?
Dues are used for prizes and member cookouts and events.

Can I check out your group before I decide to join?
Yes!  Please join us for a round and decide for yourself.  Please contact Mary, Nancy or Marvie (our officers) to make arrangements. They can be contacted at:  

Do I need to be a really good golfer to join?
Not at all.  Our group is open to all skill levels.  We do, however, expect all our members to be familiar with standard golf rules and etiquette and to maintain a good pace of play.

Are there any other eligibility requirements?
If you enjoy golf you are eligible to join. 

Can I bring a friend or my significant other?  Can we join together?
Sure, you and your friend/significant other can come and join as well.  We however encourage people to play with different members, so you are not guaranteed to play together each week..

What is the process to sign up?
Each week, an email will be sent with the signup sheet for the following event.  The group uses SignUpGenious to track the signups.  You then can sign up for that weeks event.  We ask that if your plans change and you had signed up, to please delete your signup and/or contact to ensure we have an accurate headcount for the course.

Are there any events in the off-season?
You'll quickly find that that you've made good friends on the course.  During the off-season get together for a variety of activities such as golf simulators, card playing and our annual holiday party.